What is Maxamundo? Maxamundo is Channel Driven Location Based Media. It's a platform which allows users to explore Information and Media relative to locations in the real world, this information is catagorised and overlaid on top of an interactive map. The information is split into Channels. When you explore the interactive map you can turn different Channels on and off and find different types of information. All the points or tags on the map can include Images, Sounds and Video. The exciting thing about Maxamundo is that anybody can start a Channel, you can request to join different Channels and become part of that community, you can add your own points and media and develop what is known as a Geo Social Network.




To join Maxamundo simply fill in the form or join using your exsisting Facebook or Twitter account. Once you are a memeber you will beable to develop your own personal profile, make some new friends and apply to join diferent Channels, these Channels are set up by Inderviduals, Interest Groups and Organisations. These Location Based Channels have information and media mapped around specific themes and interests. Many of the Channels are Public but some are Private, you have to be a member of a Channel to change or edit information or media. If you can see a channel you can request to become a member. If you want to develop a channel of your own simply set one up, anybody can do it.


Another interesting feature Maxamundo offers is the concept of Proximity Tagging, of course Maxamundo is avalible on both an IPhone and IPad allowing you to find tags and access media while you walk around in the real world. Proximity Tagging means you have to actually visit a location to gain access to the Media, this throughs up all sorts of possiblitys for games and interesting types of interactions.





Maxamundo is constantly developing with new features and is uploaded on a daily basis. We have now introduced a fully funtional Geo Social Network element and have a number of published IPhone applications drawing usful information from different channel and data sets.  Find out more about future developments on the About page.