Location Based Media, Locative Technologies and Geo Social Networks are rapidly developing and becoming mainstream. The Sharing and Freedom of Geo Data, Location Based Media and Art, Geo Retail, Location Based Gaming, Geo Political Landscape, Gorilla Marketing, Tracking, Tagging, Security, Anonymity and Managing Our Personal Identities. These are concepts, which will soon become part of our everyday lives. In a gentle wave of Web 3.0 technologies, the Internet as we know it is breaking free from its constraints. Long-range wireless networks and location aware devices are converging to give us new emergent applications in real world, location driven, information, data exchange and communication.




Maxamundo Current Position

Maxamundo is currently developing two products in parallel, both these products are related, and draw from and add to the same Geo Database. The first product is the Static Application that is accessible via a web browser on a desktop machine and the second is a handheld version that is currently available on an IPhone. Maxamundo runs from two dedicated servers and is configured and designed to handle commercial level traffic.

Web Based App

The current web-based incarnation of Maxamundo allows a community of users to geo-tag locations with information and media. It allows for personal tag sets and group tag sets to be established and maintained. The platform allows users to comment and review any tag type on the map and these comments can include both text and media.  The platform has social networking capability which is constantly being developed and refined. The system is built on open source mapping data and Maxamundo draws on its own database of mapping tiles, as a result we can control the look and style of the map. The map tile server is configured to render new tiles dynamically and as a result any changes or updates are seamless. There are thousands of businesses already tagged on the map.


IPhone App

The current IPhone Application allows users to view Top Level tags in the palm of their hand; the application allows access to comments, billboard listings and Media, Image, Video, and Sound. The IPhone App is consistently being developed and updated and there is a clear plan and design map for further refinement and functionality in line with the static application.


On-going Developments

We are currently putting final touches to the second evolution of Maxamundo; this stage will see the introduction of Mapping Channels and a New Open Mapping Layer. The Mapping Channels will be established to allow a selection of user groups and organisations to access and define bespoke tag types and tailored functionality. The Channels will be accessible on both the static and handheld applications and will allow users to tune into a specific Channel and see only mapping data and media associated with that mapping channel.

The open mapping layer is a new concept to allow the management of tag population. Any user will be permitted to add tags and media to this layer using limited tag types, these tags will be time relative and the layer will offer the ability to scroll backwards through time allowing other users to search and gain access to data, media and information which is time stamped. We are currently working on a range of Time Stamp Media tools, which allow for some very interesting approaches to user interaction.

Maxamundo is also making real headway in its development of concepts for Both Geo-Location-Gamming and Geo Retail. We have established a number of industry partnerships and funding streams to allow this to happen. First Prototypes of both Gamming and Merchant Geo Retail are planned to go live by Summer 2011.




Maxamundo spun out of a research project at the University of Salford in the Northwest of England, it has been a labour of love to realise its current position. The project has been developed by two individuals on a shoe string budget, a designer of sorts and a talented programmer, this with a great deal of help from their friends. The project took inspiration from Ben Russell's fantastic and inspirational Headmap Manifesto, the work of Blast Theory and Urban Tapestries and Futuresonic, not to mention all the amazing work done by Open Street Map and the community of Amateur Cartographers. It is  hoped thiat Maxamundo will continue to develop towards realising our vision of Nodism and a managed solution for Geo Data across a broad spectrum of social and commercial context.

It is the mission of Maxamundo to develop a locative media platform which allows for the emergence of a spectrum of locative applications and data libraries. These range from the cultural, heritage and arts through to the commercial. It is our belief that any such system should be map-centric and application driven. A solid application interface has been designed which can be quickly adopted across this range of social context to generate quality tangible locative data. The data although generated through a series of different projects will be centralised in one core data base, the majority of this collected data will be available through the top level web based and handheld application to anybody.


The evolution of Maxamundo can be seen in the image below, the project has developed form a very basic proff of concept in early 2008 to a dynamic commercial product in its present form.