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Download The Current Version Of The Maxamundo IPhone Application


Maxamundo App Lets You Access Location Based Media Channels In The Great Outdoors



MAXA_SCREEN_O1                MAXA_SCREEN_O2


Selecting Different Tag Types

Press the Tag button at the top right of the app to open the list of tag types.




Tag proximity

Tags that have a red or green circle indicate that you have to have a gps enabled device and be within 50m to access the tag info.

Lockedlocked un-lockedunlocked


Tag Information

Selecting a tag on screen will give you a little black box containing the Tag Title and Its Star Rating, there is also a little Blue Arrow to the right, clicking this will open the tag info page. Within this page you get a whole load of other information about the tag. Title, Description, Address and so on. If there is an image associated with the tag in the top left-hand corner selecting it will open it full screen.



In the Tag Info page at the bottom you will see View Comments. Press the arrow icon to view all comments or press the plus icon to add your own comment and upload an image.