Maxamundo Design and Development Services


Maxamundo Limited offers design and development services for bespoke Location Based Media and Information Systems. We have established solid system architexture which can be built upon and developed further into custom application. 

We can provide the whole system to our clients, Static Application, Handheld Application ‘Managing Approval’ and Content Management System configuration. We can provide hosting and offer database management and transposing of open source and client geodata.


Custom Platform Development



Client Focused Design Process

We can tailor a solution to suite working closely with clients to help them to develop the user experience and functionality their business or orginisation requires.  We are passionate about design and ideas and meet every new challange with drive and a lust for creativity and solution. We have spent time developing a platform which will allow us to explore the possiblities  of location based technologies and we relish the oppertunity to explore the different avenues of utilisation and exploitation. Let us work with you to creativly find away in which your orginatsation can best make use of location based media, data and related services.




Standard Package

We can provide a standard Location Based Media solution by way of a basic package, this packge consists of a bespoke mapping channel with custom tags, plus bespoke IPhone application drawing from the data on your channel. You or your company will have admin control group over the channel group and its members, and you can choose to either have your Channel Public or private.