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Below is a list of public Geo Location Channels assessable through the Maxamundo System. Selecting one of the channels will take you to the map and displaying that channel information.


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A channel dedicated to the celebration of Alan Turing 100th Birthday. An International project created by the University of Salford. Location based Arts, Media and Problem Solving on an International Stage.

During a week long festival international partners will participate in tagging locations with Art, Media and Puzzles to be solved by anyone who can get to the location to gain access to the information. This channel will be the first to utilise Maxamundo’s new Proximity Tagging Technology.The Turing Channel is just part of the festival celebrating Alan Turing’s life and work.  Art, Film, Media, Science and Literature will be collected and showcased around the world facilitated and orginised from Salford Universities Campas at Media City in Salford Manchester


Manchester Modernists


Welcome to the [[Modernist Society]] Mapping Channel, a viewing platform for modernist data and media uploaded to the Maxamundo Modernist Mapping Channel. We are not architects, preservationists or activists, though we do know a number of each of these.We are not radicals, situationists, academics or psychogeographers, though we are lucky to count a few of these mythical creatures as our friends.We do share their passion that the city continues to be a place for poetry and dreaming as well as business and commerce, where its citizens are more than machines for living and consuming.We are merely a small band of urban enthusiasts, amateurs and latter day dandies, passionate observers of the city and its social cultural and built environment. We believe that none of these phenomena exist in isolation but rely on each other to flourish and foster and create the living tangle of the throbbing metropolis that we call home.


Top Level


One of two core data sets within the Maxamundo system is the Top Level. This information is derived from Open Street Map and includes a vast collection of global information developed by a passionate community group of cartographers. The data includes everything from Shops, Pubs, Bars and Restaurants all the way through to more mundane things like Bridges, Car Parks, and Public Toilets.

Maxamundo allows registered users to build upon this information there a Wiki. You can add and edit text information, upload media, comment and share.



Lets Go Global


Lets Go Global worked with kids from the Waterhead Academy in Oldham to develop and channel to communicate issues they discovered in the local area. The children used the Channel to communicate to the Local Council where they thought improvements needed to be made. These included busy roads, unlit places, poor footpaths and places they felt unsafe. The children presented their findings with the assistance of Maxamundo to a collection of local councilors and dignitaries at an orginised event. Take a look at the Channel and the Video’s they produced.


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